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Winners Circle Trophy Shop
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Winners Circle Trophy Shop

Pressed Wood Plaques are your economy plaque. Don't let this fool you, however. Our pressed wood plaque is the most popular plaque we sell. Chances are if you were not told this plaque is a pressed wood plaque you would think it was walnut. Price is your only saver with this plaque. Dress it up however you like by using any of the available plaque reliefs, figures, stickers, clocks, or even screen print any picture or logo of your choice. The finished product speaks for itself. They are fabulous!

Walnut or Oak Plaques gives you the extra sense of prestige every time. Add a brass designer plate or a metal plaque relief - this is a sure eye catcher!

General Plaque information: All plaques come in a variety of sizes 4x6, 5x7, 6x8, 7x9, 8x10, 9x12 & up. We also carry a wide variety of odd shaped plaques such as your firefighter maltese, Ohio plaques, Police shields, etc.

Perpetual Plaques: Our custom made multi plate plaques allows you the ability to get the exact number of years, months, or names every time. These plaques are great for your employee of the month or year award. Special recognition to your community for their donations towards your project or event. Special achievement plaques for your school scholarship recipients, etc. These plaques are all made with your choice of color plate to go with your school colors, company logo or association. You pick the number of plates needed, and we'll make the appropriate plaque.




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