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Winners Circle Trophy Shop
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Winners Circle Trophy Shop

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Price Range of $5.00 - $6.00

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Price Range of $7.00 - $13.00

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Price Range of $6.00 - $8.00

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Price Range of $13.00 - $20.00

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Price Range of $15.00 - $50.00

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Price Range of $6.00 - $25.00

Our Steel Trophies are made on the premises which gives you a wide variety of color, style and size of your choice. These trophies are mostly designed by you - our customer. We finish them off with a marble or wood base and the figure or trim of your choice. If you are looking for quality at very reasonable prices without sacrificing looks, this trophy is for you.

Wood Trophies are available in a wide variety. The podium trophies are a popular selection to dress up and use as a clock or a picture holder. Combine this trophy with your color of plate and figure or trim to get one outstanding look. The popular shadow box trophy comes in a walnut or oak look and has class written all over it. This trophy is easily dressed up to fit your event. The plexiglas which fits in the back of the trophy gives this trophy the extra sparkle you are looking for. Our wood turn trophies come in a wide selection of wood, sizes and styles. Create your own style , and we will make it for you. These trophies are very versatile and look nice with either a wood or marble base.

Plastic and Resin Trophies are the newest look of the trophy industry. Red, White, and Blue is the newest idea to show your American pride. Molded sports trophies available to show your little leaguer what a star they are. We carry only a small selection of thousands of available ideas in these trophies; if we don't have what your looking for, we can get it.

Acrylic Awards are in high demand. We do not carry a select supply of these trophies but they are available. Come in and pick the perfect acrylic award to go with your style.




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